Aegir Hosting System

Aegir is a powerful hosting system that sits alongside a LAMP or LEMP server to create, deploy and manage Drupal sites.

  • Latest release notes: 3.18

With Aegir, you can setup a Drupal site in just a few clicks. Aegir creates the web server's site configuration files, the site's database, runs the Drupal installation process and reloads the relevant services, all automatically.

This documentation will help you understand Aegir and how install it, as well as how to use it on an ongoing basis. In addition, for advanced users, you'll find a list of extensions, as well as other mechanisms you can use to extend or customize its behaviour. Finally, for anyone interested in customizing Aegir or contributing bug fixes or new features, there's a section on developing Aegir.

Aegir is Free/Libre Open-source Software, and so is driven by its welcoming and inclusive community.

If you need professional support for your Aegir installation, check out the Service Providers page.