How to welcome a new member to the core team

Once someone is deemed worthy of joining the core team, you (a core member) should make a proposal on the core mailing list to welcome the new developer. Subject should clearly state the proposal and give ample time for other developers to chime in. Usually all core team members should give their explicit approval as we try to reach consensus (and usually do) over proposals.

Once the member is approved on the mailing list, you should follow this checklist:

  • Give membership on the mailing list.
  • Grant commit access to the core repositories (Hostmaster, Hosting, Provision and Eldir).
  • Invite on GitHub
  • Invite on
  • Grant jenkins access (simply create a user then go to the configuration page to give him the same access as others - consider also Vagrant scripts used in Jenkins and maybe the Aegir Jenkins scripts.
  • Grant operator status on the IRC channel (/msg ChanServ flags #aegir user +*).
  • Grant admin access to the community site(s).
  • Add the new member to the core team page.
  • Send a nice welcome email to the new member and CC the mailing list.
  • Lastpass access for project assets.
  • (Optional) Announce the great news in the next release.