Aegir 3.2

The Aegir team is proud to announce the third release in the stable 3.x branch!

This release ships with a security fix for Drupal core. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade.

This release ships with UI and backend fixes and improvements. In addition, hosting_civicrm support has been added to the Aegir distribution as part of the "Golden contrib" initiative. Note that this may entail additional manual intervention during the upgrade to 3.2, if you have already bee using CiviCRM support in Aegir 3. See "Known Issues" below for details.


Changes to Hosting since 7.x-3.1

Changes to Provision since 7.x-3.1

  • #2548993 by formatc'vt: drush provision-delete does not respect --force argument
  • #2547783 by formatc'vt: Overwrite files and private folders on the remote server when we installing a new site
  • #1066000 by omega8cc, steven-jones, helmo: Local.settings.php can stop working due to file ownership/permissions
  • Nginx: Do not override main site variables in the subdir site config
  • Switch to standard profile for D8 tests.
  • Raise log level to error
  • Add some debug output to hostmaster installation
  • #2347557 by helmo, gboudrias: Add dh-systemd as a Debian build dependancy
  • Clear drush cache after installation
  • #2347557 by helmo: Debian packaging of the systemd service file for the hosting queue daemon
  • Nginx: Do not hide X-Drupal-Cache-Tags and X-Drupal-Cache headers
  • Improve welcome email template.
  • #2583119 - Remove any remaining st() and t() and use Drush wrapper dt() everywhere
  • Keep up with D8 core - the config dir is now named sync -
  • Revert "Find profiles correctly in Drupal 8."
  • Find profiles correctly in Drupal 8.
  • #2580565: Only log errors when deleting files.
  • #2578131: Make aegir3-cluster-slave conflict with other Debian packages
  • Nginx: Don't strip $args from $request_uri in redirects
  • Nginx: Add HTTP header to images derivatives
  • #2571811: Create hostmaster platform with working_copy option via Debian
  • #2571803: Provision new hostmaster platform on Debian 7.x-3.x to 7.x-3.x upgrades
  • Improve comments
  • Use shallow clones for testing.
  • #2570389: Support Drush 7.
  • Sync PHP style for ini_set
  • Sync D6 and D7 settings.php templates.
  • Sync D8 and D7 settings.php templates.
  • #2448809 by millaraj: SSL on slave server, touch(): Unable to create file
  • #2562467: Adding mention of d() to the documentation blocks for the "config alter" hooks.
  • Fix for lintian error on OBS
  • Fix mail address in debian changelog

Changes to Hostmaster since 7.x-3.1

New golden contrib releases:

Known Issues

  • Provision (Jessie installs): #2347557: No systemd service file for queue runner
  • Provision: #1194602: [meta] Support the hosting of Drupal 8 sites ("Status: Needs work")
  • Hosting: #2069431: Form error message is confusing when trying to enable SSL when creating new site on a platform on a server without SSL enabled ("Status: Needs review")
  • Git (contrib): #2541758: Trigger verify after "git pull" task when a site is on remote server ("Status: Needs work, Assigned to: formatC'vt")


In this release, we have included hosting_civicrm in the Aegir distribution. In preparation, we merged back-end components into the front-end module. Aegir 3.x supports this adding search paths in /var/aegir/.drush/drushrc.php. If you are already running hosting_civicrm in Aegir 3.x with the provision_civicrm code deployed in /var/aegir/.drush/provision_civicrm, then you should remove that directory prior to upgrading.

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