Aegir 3.5

The Aegir team is proud to announce the sixth release in the stable 3.x branch!

This release ships with bug fixes and a number of UI improvements.

Drush install from Debian package

We now follow the recommended Drush install procedure again, and use the latest published .phar by default. However, we do make alternative Drush versions available. To install the lastest Drush 6 from composer (as we did prior to Aegir 3.3), you can run the following:

# echo aegir3-provision aegir/drush_version string 6.x | debconf-set-selections
# apt-get install aegir3-provision

Likewise, to use the latest dev build of Drush (not recommended), you could run:

# echo aegir3-provision aegir/drush_version string unstable | debconf-set-selections
# apt-get install aegir3-provision

We are considering packaging Drush separately again:

Installing and upgrading

The canonical source of installation documentation is

Within those sections you'll find step-by-step instructions for performing both manual and automatic upgrade processes.

It is still imperative that you read the upgrade path and version-specific information and follow all version-specific upgrade instructions before trying to run the upgrade script or manual upgrade.

Need help?

If you struggle to install or upgrade your Aegir system, you have a number of options available to you for getting help.

Consult this page for more information:

Thanks to our awesome community for their help, support and encouragement as always! Enjoy the new release :)


Changes to Hosting since 7.x-3.4

  • Code cleanup
  • Specify missing dependencies for Hosting Features.
  • Fix Hosting Features dependency handling.
  • #2721949 by colan: Deprecate _hosting_get_enabled_platforms()
  • #2720439 by colan: Add site autocompletion & ID retrieval without loading nodes
  • #2718715 by fabsor: Allow sites to be put in multi-level sub directories
  • #2150787 by helmo, ergonlogic, zhangtaihao: Let Queue daemon catch errors, and reconnect
  • #2150787 by helmo: Let the queued notice its lifetime if over
  • #2150787 by helmo: Prevent tight loop when lock_acquire fails
  • #2707157 by jon-pugh: hosting_get_hostmaster_site_nid() only works if your install profile is "hostmaster"
  • #2714539: Put services list in a Vertical Tabset
  • #2713537 by omega8cc: Improve filtering to not allow to add duplicate site aliases
  • #2713239 by jon-pugh: Implement $form_state in hook_validate()
  • Add important info about subdirs naming convention.
  • Fix for hosting_subdirs visibility
  • #2709425 Implementing field_extra_fields for hosting_site, hosting_server, and hosting_platform.
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2702715-server-views-handler' into 7.x-3.x
  • #2709565 by jon-pugh: Convert function hosting_get_servers() to use db_select()
  • #2702715: Setting 'hosting_server_handler_field_status' to extend 'hosting_field_handler_status'.
  • #2702715: Fixing comment on base views handler "hosting_field_handler_status".
  • #2702941 by colan: Link to Drush documentation returns a 404
  • #2705093 by jon-pugh: Fix bad arguments in hook_view() implementations
  • #2705713 by jon-pugh: hosting_client module shouldn't use "include"
  • #2705073 by jon-pugh: Moving hook_hosting_task_guarded_nodes() to hosting_site and hosting_platform modules
  • #2610122 by jon-pugh: Circular Dependencies between hosting and hosting_site, etc should be removed
  • Issue #2702715 by jon-pugh: Adding a new generic views handler handler hosting_field_handler_status, making hosting_site_handler_field_status and hosting_platform_handler_field_status extend it.
  • #2702715 by jon-pugh: Switch Hosting Server views handler to not extend Hosting Site views handler.
  • Add comments to allow easier searching for hook name
  • #2698519 by jon-pugh: Show an indicator that the database password is saved
  • #2697147: Use forms API #states for Hosting Server Service selectors, and remove custom hosting_server.js
  • Left over D7 conversion
  • add hook invoke comment
  • Move example module back-end code under hosting.
  • #2238897: Disallow bulk site deletion is sites ought to be disabled before deletion.
  • Skip batching of VBO actions.
  • #2550745: Stop adding extra verify tasks automatically on VBO operations.
  • #2625168 by helmo: Drush master changed logging
  • Add missing permissions in the hosting_server_list view.
  • #2666926: Document the force option

Changes to Provision since 7.x-3.4

  • Apache: Add Alias directive for /.well-known/acme-challenge for hosting_le support
  • Nginx: Update crawlers regex
  • Nginx: Sync custom SSL settings for BOA(unfork)
  • Nginx: Sync variables
  • Nginx: Sync subdir.tpl.php
  • Nginx: Use $aegir_root variable in templates
  • Nginx: Map /.well-known/acme-challenge to support hosting_le
  • Nginx: Add recommended HTTP headers
  • Nginx: Use ssl_chain_cert if available (via hosting_le)
  • Nginx: Use HTTP/2 if detected as supported
  • Nginx: Add HTTP/2 support detection
  • Whitespace cleanup
  • Apache: Print redirect comments in vhosts to support SAN compatibility detection and autoconfiguration in hosting_le
  • #2725771 by auth: nginx 1.10 does not return nginx_is_modern == TRUE
  • Nginx: Fix for broken aliases redirects
  • Nginx: Use faster 301/302 redirects
  • #2724273: Nginx -- Use 302 tmp redirect for web_disable_url
  • #2724273: Disabled Nginx sites return 404 instead of "Disabled" message
  • #2718437 by steven-jones: Options is always isset on a context
  • #2723075: Skip hidden D8 profiles
  • Nginx: Sync subdirs config tpl
  • Nginx: Allow site specific PHP-FPM socket/version (BOA)
  • Nginx: Enable fastcgi_cache_lock
  • Nginx: Sync regex for protected paths with Drupal core
  • #2720159 by thomas-bosviel: Nginx SSL service doesn't generate vhost include file
  • Nginx: Set HTTP_HOST with $this->uri to avoid reverse order with multi-level subdirs
  • #2718711 by fabsor, omega8cc: Allow sites to be put in multi-level sub directories
  • #2715599 by colan: Add experimental support for PHP 7
  • #2718567 by fabsor: Subdirectory records aren't generated properly in sites.php
  • #2704291 by jon-pugh: Verify of a site with function "hosting_get_features" overwrites the ~/.drush/drushrc.php file
  • Nginx: Do not silence cron requests in the access.log
  • Silence logging about service_type being NULL, can be intended
  • #2698125 by jon-pugh: Report the expected service class in the drush errors when it is missing
  • #2701145 by jamesan: Add support for Drush 9.x
  • Download Drush directly to the desired location.
  • Nginx: Use $status in fastcgi_cache_key
  • Bump Drush version to 8.0.5
  • #2667194 by helmo: Update to use phars for drush
  • Add variable to
  • Update links
  • Remove failing D6 test ... since D6 is EOL
  • Fix build after example files were removed
  • Remove the back-end components of example modules, as they've now been added to the front-end repos.
  • Nginx: Add letsencrypt support (work in progress)
  • #2685575 by nwom: whitelist xmlrpc.php when /etc/nginx/basic_nginx.conf ctrl file is present
  • Code style + comments
  • Resolve the VERSION constant used in Git checkouts
  • Add more debug info when recursive file functions fail.
  • #2557025 by tom_spiers: Fix Unknown option: --profile. errors.
  • Nginx: error_page directive is not allowed in pseudo-location
  • Nginx: Workaround for broken autocomplete
  • Add explicit test to avoid needless error
  • #2667210 by bgm: Use $args sec filtering only in the extended config
  • #2666926 by helmo: Add a test to create a custom verify task for the hostmaster site and place it in the queue.
  • Compare versions before attempting to update drush
  • #2666926: Syntax fixes
  • #2666926: Document the force option
  • #2666926: Test the hosting tasks queue
  • #2661124 by kristofferwiklund: D8 Site fails verification after db restore. (But site is working fine)

Changes to Eldir since 7.x-3.4

Known Issues

  • Debian upgrade error 3.4 to 3.5 when hosting_git is enabled, see #2729891
  • Provision (Jessie installs): #2347557: systemd service file not enabled by default
  • Hosting: #2069431: Form error message is confusing when trying to enable SSL when creating new site on a platform on a server without SSL enabled ("Status: Needs review")
  • Debian package version 3.5.1 started building the hostmaster platform from dev version of our modules

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