Aegir 3.14.4

The Aegir team is proud to announce a new release in the stable 3.x branch!

This release ships with a number of bug fixes and UI improvements.

  • We're now shipping the new hosting_https module as replacement for the previous SSL implementation which is now marked as LEGACY. See it's README for upgrade steps.
  • The Debian package now recommends installing composer.
  • During a platform verify task we now call composer install. Additional composer related features are being worked on in the hosting_composer module.
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Provision Drush commands
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Hosting Drupal Modules
Hostmaster Drupal Install Profile
Dockerfiles Docker image definitions. Used for all tests.
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Tests Behat tests and Travis tools Build Status
Development Environment Local docker-based development environment. Build Status

Installing and upgrading

The canonical source of installation documentation is

Within those sections you'll find step-by-step instructions for performing both manual and automatic upgrade processes.

It is still imperative that you read the upgrade path and version-specific information and follow all version-specific upgrade instructions before trying to run the upgrade script or manual upgrade.

Need help?

If you struggle to install or upgrade your Aegir system, you have a number of options available to you for getting help.

Consult this page for more information:

Thanks to our awesome community for their help, support and encouragement as always! Enjoy the new release :)


Changes to hostmaster since 7.x-3.130

Changes to provision since 7.x-3.130

  • #2938032 by steven-jones: Provision incorrectly scans profiles for packages
  • #2938028 by steven-jones: Schema version can be very wrong for Drupal 8 sites
  • Ask systemd for patiance, wait a bit longer when restarting the queued
  • #2911861 by helmo, jon-pugh: Hosting Features submit should trigger drush cache clear after verify
  • #2941029: Add platform-wide settings.php includes
  • #2940702 by jon-pugh: Unable to override Drupal 8 in local.settings.php: Change include_once to include. Since Drupal 8 uses require and not require_once, it's possible settings.php will be included twice. Provision should include custom settings every time.
  • #2935180 by helmo, colan: Ship Aegir HTTPS with Aegir
  • #2937147: Add Composer support directly to Provision.
  • Adding some documentation on provision composer support.
  • #2926905 by memtkmcc, bgm: CiviCRM on nginx with multi-lingual: disable caching
  • #2888283 by ac: Not updating ownership of private/config

Changes to hosting since 7.x-3.130

  • #2941472 by tucho: _hosting_site_url fails to detect HTTPS sites using hosting_https
  • #2666158: Allow --force option on Delete tasks.
  • Make sure to select the enabled platform with publish_path. It's possible to have an old platform in there.
  • #2751801 by helmo: Mark as LEGACY for now
  • Show the list of log types space separated
  • #2936013: Add "Edit Platform" tab to Site node page
  • Revert adding of the element_type variable. If there is no prefix we are good.
  • #2935835: Editing a platform is broken when publish path is not in /var/aegir/platforms
  • Check site node for missing db_server, not platform node!
  • #2930539: hook_hosting_task_update_status gets invalid parameter
  • #2912492: Add "command" property to hook_hosting_tasks() to allow setting arbitrary drush commands, not just provision-* commands.
  • #2852966: If using hosting_queued module, release the lock on hosting_queue_tasks_running.

Changes to eldir since 7.x-3.130

Changes to hosting_civicrm since 7.x-3.130

  • None

Changes to hosting_git since 7.x-3.130

  • #2893588: Now that issue is fixed, putting back the repo delete function
  • #2915001: Cleanup git meta data when nolonger detecting a repo

Changes to hosting_remote_import since 7.x-3.130

  • None

Changes to hosting_site_backup_manager since 7.x-3.130

  • None

Changes to hosting_tasks_extra since 7.x-3.130

  • None

Changes to hosting_logs since 7.x-3.130

  • None

Changes to hosting_https since 7.x-3.130

  • First stable release.

Known Issues

  • When the MYSQL password policy was set to MEDIUM creating databases can fail, see issue 2868803 for more info.
  • 3.14.1 was released to account for an upgrade issue on a missing task_command property, see issue 2942500.
  • 3.14.2 was released to account for a new download location of Drush, see issue 2942743.
  • 3.14.3 was released to account for SA-CONTRIB-2018-013 .
  • 3.14.4 was released to include Drupal 7.57
  • When upgrading from Aegir 2.x be aware of these notes.

For a full list of issues, see our combined issue queues