Aegir 3.4

The Aegir team is proud to announce the fifth release in the stable 3.x branch!

This release ships with bug fixes relating to the shift to Drush 8. In particular, we now install a Drush 8 .phar in our Debian package, and have fixed some logging issues due to changes in Drush 8.0.2.

Drush install from Debian package

We now follow the recommended Drush install procedure adain, and use the latest published .phar by default. However, we do make alternative Drush versions available. To install the lastest Drush 6 from composer (as we did prior to Aegir 3.3), you can run the following:

# debconf-set-selections aegir3-provision aegir/drush_version string 6.x
# apt-get install aegir3-provision

Likewise, to use the latest dev build of Drush (not recommended), you could run:

# debconf-set-selections aegir3-provision aegir/drush_version string unstable
# apt-get install aegir3-provision

We are considering packaging Drush separately again:


Changes to Hosting since 7.x-3.3

Changes to Provision since 7.x-3.3

  • #2619158: Switch to the latest Drush 8 phar by default.
  • #2661474: Set COMPOSER_HOME hoping to bypass variations from XDG_CONFIG_HOME
  • #2625168: Pin drush version to 8.0.0 until we can fix the logging issue in 8.0.2
  • #2659920 by bgm: Fix drush_log usage in Provision/Config.php when using custom templates

Known Issues

  • Provision (Jessie installs): #2347557: systemd service file not enabled by default
  • Provision: #1194602: [meta] Support the hosting of Drupal 8 sites ("Status: Needs work")
  • Hosting: #2069431: Form error message is confusing when trying to enable SSL when creating new site on a platform on a server without SSL enabled ("Status: Needs review")
  • Git (contrib): #2541758: Trigger verify after "git pull" task when a site is on remote server ("Status: Needs work, Assigned to: formatC'vt")

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