Aegir 3.3

The Aegir team is proud to announce the forth release in the stable 3.x branch!

This release ships with UI and backend fixes and improvements.


Changes to Hosting since 7.x-3.2

  • Update Donate to the Aegir project page URL
  • Switch hosting_subdirs to 7.x
  • #2652448: Ensure platform name is unique.
  • #2641776 by helmo: Minor cleanup in cron code
  • #2641776 by helmo: Preserve crontab on hosting-pause
  • Improve check to avoid notice
  • code cleanup
  • #2577419 by helmo: Show automatic domain alias on node view
  • #2626544: Improve guarding against destructive tasks.
  • #2621576 by captainack: Unused SSL certificates not being removed
  • #2621576 by captainack: Code cleanup

Changes to Provision since 7.x-3.2

  • #2619158: Let work with Drush 8
  • Nginx: Remove duplicate $args on redirects
  • Add override_slave_authority option to provision-verify command
  • Fix typo in
  • #2619158: Switch to Drush 8 by default
  • #2619158: Create debconf var for Drush version, as preparation for Drush 8
  • Revert "Issue #2595809 by helmo: Find (d8) profiles without a .profile"
  • #2595809 by helmo: Find (d8) profiles without a .profile
  • #2613716 by captainack, ergonlogic: Cluster SSL not working for 2 apache-ssl servers
  • #2617718 by npacker, gboudrias: Renaming site through Migrate doesn't remove old vhost or site folder

Changes to Hostmaster since 7.x-3.2

  • Update views to 3.13

New golden contrib releases:

Known Issues

  • Hosting: #2625168: Drush 8.0.2 gives errors for Aegir, stay with 8.0.0 for now...
  • Provision (Jessie installs): #2347557: systemd service file not enabled by default
  • Provision: #1194602: [meta] Support the hosting of Drupal 8 sites ("Status: Needs work")
  • Hosting: #2069431: Form error message is confusing when trying to enable SSL when creating new site on a platform on a server without SSL enabled ("Status: Needs review")
  • Git (contrib): #2541758: Trigger verify after "git pull" task when a site is on remote server ("Status: Needs work, Assigned to: formatC'vt")

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